Activated Granular Carbon Replacement Cartridge [110]


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The Activated Granular Carbon filter is made for the Reverse Osmosis and UCFA3 deliver superior filtration, removes chlorine taste and odours, reduces organic contaminants and cysts. Easy cartridge replacement.  Also suitable for filtration systems with 250mm cartridges including Stefani’s UCFA, UFCA01, UCFA02, DIGIPURE 100 & 101

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To ensure efficient performance we recommend replacement every 6-12months*
* May vary dependent on water quality
Before first use flush the filter for 3-5 minutes and discard water

Max Pressure 862kpa (125psi)
Min Pressure 69kpa (10psi)
Max Temp 40ºC
Min Temp 4ºC


Installation instructions

1. Isolate mains water.

2. Remove housing using wrench provided and remove old filter.

3. Remove plastic from replacement cartridge and place into housing into seated position.

4. Screw housing back onto manifold. Do not overtighten.

5. Turn mains on and check for leaks.


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