Brass 20mm Dual check Valve [FC8]


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The Stefani 20mm Dual Check Valve is designed to prevent cross contamination of non-potable water into safe drinking water. The two spring loaded check valves remain tightly closed until there is a demand for water downstream. In the event that there is reverse of flow direction, the check valves will close and back-flow is prevented.

The Stefani 20mm Dual check valve provides protection in low hazard applications, like meter connections on domestic properties.

Approved to AS 2845-1 Standards.



Additional Information

Brass 20mm Dual Check Valve with Anit Back Flow Function to suit Stefani Whole of House Filtration Systems (WHF). 

Screw Dual Check valve clockwise on to filter connections.

Ensure Teflon tape (not included) is placed over connections first and take care not to cross thread.

Don't over tighten and test for leaks.

Installation to be carried out by qualified installer and in accordance with local regualtions.