Caravan Filter


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Enjoy filtered water from your caravan tap

Make your camping experience just that little bit fresher with the In line universal replacement filter.  Containing activated carbon with connectors to suit snap on hose fittings, simply click into place between the mains tap and your caravan or camper and enjoy fresh filtered water.

Available in your local Bunnings.

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Before use flush filter for approx 3 minutes, into a bucket and discard the water

Maximum flow 0.8GPM
Pressure range 30-100 PSI
Maximum temperature 100ºF
Service life 1500GAL
Inlet / outlet ½” Male Coupling
Size 1.99”O.D x 10”L

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Reduce chlorine, taste & odour

Tested and Certified by NSF International

To ensure effcient performance we recommend to replace every 6–12 months

Warranty: 12 months for manufacture faults