Digipure On Tap Filter White


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Stylish design benchtop filter, simply connects to your tap with a digital monitor to control cartridge and water quality. 

Connecting directly to your tap gives you the freedom to chose filtered water or unfiltered for general household use.  Easy to install and no plumber needed!

Also available in your local Bunnings. 

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The system should only be used on water that is microbiological safe- that is water has been adequately chlorinated or disinfected.

Includes a 10 micron carbon cartridge, high quality tap connector with built in diverter valve, flexible white tube and batteries.

Maximum water pressure 90psi
Minimum water pressure 10psi
Maximum water temperature 38ºC
Minimum water temperature 0ºC


>95% removal of chlorine, chemical compounds and pesticides in drinking water.

Advanced digital control circuit to accurately monitor cartridge quality to reduce the risk of consuming unsafe drinking water.

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