Green Carbon 10pm Coconut Shell Activated Cartridge [FX-CL2]


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Suits any water filtration system using standard 250mm length cartridges.
This 10 micron filter is made from high performance coconut shell activated green carbon delivering exceptional performance. Reduced Green House Gas Emission by using coconut shell.

Only available in your local Bunnings. 

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Please ensure you remove the filter from the plastic packaging prior to installing into your housing, Warranty will be void should this step not be completed.  Refer to filter change instructions here for details.


Directions for use: Place cartridge in appropriate housing and flush for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to use. Use only with microbially safe and adequately disinfected water (domestic scheme water). To ensure effcient performance we recommend

cartridges be replaced every 6-12 months. This may vary depending on volume and quality of water. For cold water only (4ºC – 40ºC)