High Flow 5 Micron Carbon Replacement Filter [HF02]


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Stefani High Flow 5 Micron Carbin replacment filter suits High Flow In-line Water Filtration System HF01

Twist Lock inserting

Easy to install, no special tools required

Remove Offensive taste and odour from water

Effectively removes naturally occurring bacteria

5.0 Micron Nominal Filtration.

Stefani under-counter water filters are the simplest, most reliable and natural way to have purer water on tap. Effectively removes naturally occurring bacteria, pollutants and contamination from aquafer sourced drinking water, as well as rain harvested water storages or reserves.
Also removes chemical treatments applied by local authorities, when making your water safer for its pipeline journey to your home.


Up to 13 Ltr per minute flow rate

To ensure maximum quality and performance replace cartridge every 6 months; results can vary depending on water quality in area and may require earlier filter change