High Flow in line Water Filtration System


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Enjoy the taste, convenience and health benefits of filtered water from your existing tap plumbed directly to an existing cold water line. Easily connects to most existing sink mixer taps, delivering the purest water possible for drinking and food preparation

Reliable and natural filtration

Simple installation and operation, No special tools required

Improves quality and taste of water, Natural and reliable filtration

Connects directly to most mixer taps

Twist Lock replaceable 5 Micron Filter

In-line High Flow Water Filtration System

Kit Contains:
1 x Filter Manifold
1 x 5.0 Micron Quick-connect Cartridge
1 x 3/8” PVC Tubing
1 x Pressure Limiting Valve
1 x On / Off Valve
1 x 1/2” BSP (15mm) Male Mixer-tap hose Connector
1 x 1/2” BSP (15mm) Female Mixer-tap hose Connector
1 x Roll Thread Sealing Tape

For cold water use only.
System must be installed by a licensed plumber

2 Year Warranty (excluding filter)


Please ensure the pressure limiting valve supplied with this water filtration system is fitted during installation.
Installation must comply with existing state or local plumbing regulations and installed by licensed plumber.  Refer to warranty terms and conditions for full details.

The system should only be used on water that is microbiological safe- that is water has been adequately chlorinated or disinfected.

Maximum pressure: 689kPa (100psi)

Minimum pressure:  206kPa (30psi)

Maximum temperature of 40 degree Celsius



Stefani under-counter water filters are the simplest, most reliable and natural way to have purer water on tap. Inside the unit is a Multi-layered, microporous purifying filter of advanced design.

• Will reduce the following:

• Chlorine

• Sediment

• Dirt

• Rust

• Offensive taste and odour

• Organic matter

• Giardia & Cryptosporidium

Up to 13 Ltr per minute flow rate

Filter Replacement Intervals

For best results and to maintain maximum protection, replace the cartridges regularly every 3-6 months, depending on the condition of the water supplied.

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