Low Pressure Candle 3 stage [7]


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Stefani Gravity Water Purifiers are the simplest, most reliable and natural way to have pure water on tap.  Inside the unit is a multi-layered, microporous purifying candle of advance design.

This replacement Ceramic Cartridge is ideal for gravity water filters from:

– Stefani
– Stoneware
– Waterco
– Atlantis
– Australis
– Vitali
– Aquaramic

Available in your local Bunnings.


3 Stage Purifying Process:

1) Ceramic filtration
The microporous ceramic membrane is capable of filtering out microorganisms, dirt, rust, algae and other suspended solids.
2) Sterilising The water will pass through the Coloidal Silver cover that sterilises the water and eliminates bacteria.
3) Granular Activated Carbon Granular Activated Carbon’s extensive pore structure enables it to screen every drop of water passing through and efficiently absorbs chlorine, taste, odours and organic chemicals.

Replacement intervals:

For best results and to maintain maximum protection replace the ceramic cartridges regularly every 3-6 months depending on the condition of the water supplied.

Cleaning Maintenance

To clean the candle, first remove it from the purifier unit. Hold the candle under gently running water and using a stiff brush, remove the visible impurities from the candle’s surface. Scrub off the outer layer of the ceramic with a kitchen type scourer scrubbing it in an up and down motion under running tap.

Never use soap or detergents on the candle.


If you are experiencing unusually slow flow (<1 Litre/Hr)
Unscrew the ceramic filter and run water briefly in reverse through the filter to remove possible blockages.
Soak the candle with nozzle up in kitchen sink for 2 hours to help rid any fibres or loose particles.
By soaking the ceramic filter, trapped air bubbles are expelled.