Post In Line Activated Carbon Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis System [RO3]


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The 5th and final stage of the Reverse Osmosis filtration system, the Post In Line Activated Carbon filter delivers a pure fresh taste to your water, it adds the final “polish” to your water for a superior result. Simple cartridge replacement with EZ push fit connections.

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To ensure effcient performance we recommend replacement every  6-12 months*
* May vary dependant on water quality
Before first use flush the fllter for 3-5 minutes and discard water

Max Pressure 862kpa (125psi)
Min Pressure 69kpa (10psi)
Max Temp 40ºC

Min Temp 4ºC

Inlet/Outlet ¼’’ EZ


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Use only with Reverse Osmosis Multi-stage Water Filtration System. 

Installation instructions

1. Isolate water at shut of valve on storage tank and water feed.

2. Remove tubing by pushing in collar and pulling out tube on both ends and discard old cartridge.

3. Remove new cartridge from packaging.

4. Push tubing into ends of cartridge checking water flow direction is correct.

5. Turn on water at shut off valves and check for leaks.