Rain Water Tank Pre Filter [RTF]


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Installed between your rain water tank and pump, a prefilter can aid the removal of precipitate impurities, microbial debris, iron rest, sediment, dust and other large particles from tank over 40 micron.

Prescision 316 food-grade stainless steel screen filter, effectively filtering impurities over 40 micron.

Made from food-grade plastic (PP & PC) and lead free

High anti-freeze, anti-burst & impact resistant

Standard 3/4inch BSB Thread

Provides superior drainage & backwash function making it easy to discharge pollutants effectively

The Stefani Premium Grade Water Tank Pre Filter is perfect for removing impurities in the water to 40 microns, thus improving water quality & extending pump life



Temperature Range -40*C ti 100*C High anti-freeze, anti-burst & impact resistant Standard 3/4 inch BSP Thread