Replacement Filter for Full Flow In Line System [FF6001]


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Replacment Filter suited for Stefani Full Flow In Line System (model FF6000)

Will reduce Sediment, Dirt, Rust, Offensive taste and odour, Organic matter

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Stefani products marked with the Lead Free WaterMark trademark conform with the Lead Free requirements of the National Construction Code Volume Three.

First Use: Allow approximately 5 litres of water to pass through the filter before use.
Easy Installation:
1) Turn of the water flow at the in-line valve.
2) Swing cartridge towards you for easy access.
3) Turn the filter cartridge to the left until it stops.
4) Pull the filter cartridge straight out and discard.
5) Push the new filter cartridge straight up into the filter head and turn to the right until it stops.
6) Turn on the water flow at the in-line valve.
7) Turn on the cold water tap for 5 minutes to release any air trapped in the new filter cartridge.
8) Enjoy great tasting filtered water, straight from your existing kitchen tap.

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