Reverse Osmosis System


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Produces the purest filtered water available for cooking and drinking resulting in water quality equal to bottled water in your home for a fraction of the cost.
Features 5 stage ultra-fine filtration system with storage tank for instant pure filtered water. Simple cartridge replacement, Includes all parts for installation and mounting brackets

5 stage ultra-fine filtration system

1) Pre Sediment Filter reduce particles, dust and mud

2) Activated Granular Carbon Filter reduce chlorine, organics, odour and turbidity

3) Activated Carbon Block Filter reduce chlorine, organics, odour and turbidity

4) Reverse Osmosis Membrane reduce bacteria, fluoride, heavy metal, salt, bad mineral substance and other dissolved matter and chemicals

5) In-Line Post Activated Carbon Filter improves and enhances the final taste

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Installation Manual (PDF)

Please ensure the pressure limiting valve supplied with this water filtration system is fitted during installation.
Installation must comply with existing state or local plumbing regulations.  Refer to warranty terms and conditions for full details.

The system should only be used on water that is microbiological safe- that is water has been adequately chlorinated or disinfected.

Maximum pressure: 862kPa (125psi)

Minimum pressure:  69kPa (10psi)

Maximum temperature of 40 degree Celsius

Min temp. 4C. Protect from freezing & direct sunlight.



Reverse Osmosis is a technology which is capable of removing up to 99%+ of the dissolved salts & inorganic solids, particles, colloids, organics, bacteria, heavy metals and pyrogens such as salts from a solution i.e water.