Whole House Dual Stage System 10inch [WHF-T10]


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This Stefani Whole House system combines superior filtration power of both a Sediment Filter and a Carbon Block filter for your whole house. It is a step up from the single stage whole house system. Specifically designed for places where high flow rate is required whether on your home, commercial or industrial use.

The Stefani Whole House Twin 4.5″ x 10 ” Water Filter System is suitable for households who want to remove both incoming sediments and odour from their water supply. It is a whole house filter that is built specifically to filter chlorine, chemicals and reduce odour from the entire water supply.

The system is suitable for small to medium households.

Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house or building for a minimal cost.

The system includes a Stefani Whole House 5 micron sediment cartridge and Stefani Whole House 5 micron Carbon cartridge

Featuring 3/4: inlet and Outlet.

Replacement Filter for the system can be purchased in your local Bunnings store.

System is to be installed by a licensed plumber according to state and territory guidelines.

Stefani products marked with the Lead Free WaterMark trademark conform with the Lead Free requirements of the National Construction Code Volume Three.