Whole House Filtration System [WHF]


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A whole house filter is a POE (point of entry) system installed at the main water line, usually located on the outside of the house. Enjoy the taste, convenience and health benefits of clean, clear water throughout your entire home. Improves water quality for use in bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Reduces build-up on shower screens, washing machines and dishwashers.

Easy installation by a licensed plumber with mounting hardware and brass adapters included

Includes a Whole of House 5 micron sediment cartridge.

Available in your local Bunnings.

Click here to find out information on Bunnings website.

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No moving parts for durability and long lasting featuring high quality plastics like those in our UCFA ranges

Max pressure 1200kPa (175psi)
Min pressure 69kPa (10psi)
Connections 3/4’’ threads
Max temp. 40ºC For cold water use only.
Min temp. 4ºC

Additional Information

Replacement Cartridge: WHF2

Easy installation to your mains water and simple cartridge replacement using wrench provided.

Installation must comply with existing state or local plumbing regulations. Some plumbing regulations require installation to be carried out by a licensed plumber. Refer to warranty information for full details.


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