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Chrome On Tap Filter

$55.00 AUD
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Easy to install fitting on most taps, comes with additional adapters and washers.  Easy change cartridge to enjoy pure drinking water on tap.  Diverter valve allows unfiltered water to pass for everyday household needs, flick the valve for fresh filtered water

Also available in your local Bunnings. 

Click here to find out information on Bunnings website.

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Easy to replace cartridge

1) Unscrew cartridge cover and remove old filter ensuring large black rubber gasket remiains in place and check for damage

2) Remove wrapping form new cartridge, insert and screw cover back on

3) Turn on and check for leaks. If leak occurs, remove cove, check for damage and correct seating, and if required, put a small amount of petroleum jelly on the gasket, replace cover

4) Turn cold water on and let it flush the new filter for around 2.5 minutes, then push lever to the right to flush any residue carbon

Stefani easy change replacement filters allow you to replace your old filter easily to keep your water fresh and pure. We recommend that you change the long life filter regularly for optimum flavour and purity of your water.


Will reduce the following:

Chlorine, Chloroform, Pesticides, Iron, Rust, Sediment, Toxic Materials and other chemical contaminants.