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Single Stage Under Counter Water Filter System

$91.00 AUD
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Enjoy the taste, convenience and health benefits of filtering your own drinking water, for a fraction of cost of bottled water. The one stage filtration system for greater filtration capacity and extended cartridge life.  All replacement cartrdiges are available for to you shop directly from our online store or they arer available at your local Bunnings.

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Please ensure the pressure limiting valve supplied with this water filtration system is fitted during installation.
Installation must comply with existing state or local plumbing regulations.  Refer to warranty terms and conditions for full details.

Maximum pressure: 862kPa (125psi)

Minimum pressure:  69kPa (10psi)

Maximum temperature of 40 degree Celsius

Min temp. 4C. Protect from freezing & direct sunlight.

RECOMMENDATION: If the undersink water filtration system has not been used for 2 or more days,
you will need to flush 5 to 10 litres of water through the system before using the water. If the unit is to
be left unused for more than 2 days, the water supply valve must be turned off.

Single stage water filtration technology:
1. Removes dirt particles & sediment with the sediment filter
This system the complete installation kit with separate tap.

Kit includes a 5 Micron Carbon Sediment Filter (Code: 102) 

Alternatively you can choose other catridges from our wide range in Bunnings, please click here to view all sediment catridges and here to view all carbon catridges.


The system should only be used on water that is microbiological safe- that is water has been adequately chlorinated or disinfected.