Warranty Terms and Conditions Water Filtration

This extended warranty only covers Stefani Industries Limited (“Stefani”) products (collectively “Products”), and does not extend to products, which you have selected outside our Product range.

This extended warranty only applies to defects which have arisen solely from faulty materials or workmanship in the Products and does not apply to other defects which may have arisen as a result of, without limitation, the following: accede ntal damage, abuse, misuse, maltreatment, abnormal stress or strain, harsh or adverse weather conditions, including excessive water pressure or temperature, or neglect of any kind of the Products. Alterations and repairs of the Products other than by an accredited and licensed service agent or technician are not covered. For the avoidance of doubt, attachment of accessories or use of non-genuine replacement parts other than those manufactured or approved by Stefani are not covered by this extended warranty.

This extended warranty for the Products commences from date of purchase or for new buildings on the date of handover for the relevant period set out in the warranty application form.

In addition to this extended warranty, certain legislation (including the ACL) may give you certain rights which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, this extended warranty must be read subject to such legislation and nothing in this warranty has the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying those rights. warranty claims

To make a warranty claim, the following documentation must be posted to Stefani:

  • Proof of Purchase (“POP”);
  • Proof of installation by licensed & registered plumber
  • Proof of water pressure testing by licensed & registered plumber
  • Handover documentation for new homes,
  • Warranty Certificate or equivalent documentation must be supplied for warranty claims to be considered.
  • Your contact details.

If the Product has not been installed, the Product can be returned with POP, to the place of purchase.

If the cost of returning any defective parts is unreasonable, please contact Stefani on the telephone number listed below so that, if appropriate, we can arrange a collection.

Stefani Australasia contact details are as follows:





Warranty Conditions

Note: The extended warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.

Should any warranty claim be made and attended to by a Stefani authorised Service Agent and that in the opinion of the Service Agent or Stefani, the problem was from faulty installation or use of the Products in conjunction with products of another manufacturer or from some other cause other than a manufacturing defect of the goods for which Stefani is responsible. Stefani Australasia PTY LTD reserves the right to charge a service fee for each service staff attending the premises where Products have been installed.

As part of Stefani’s commitment to continuous improvement, Stefani reserves the right to make changes to its Products at any time.

Stefani requires adequate access to Products, fittings and fixtures to undertake extended warranty repairs. Stefani will not be responsible for any consequential damage or costs where adequate access to Product fittings & fixtures is not accessible.

Stefani reserves the right to provide minor components as ‘Parts Only’ to the customer.

Consequential loss

To the extent permitted by law, Stefani will not be liable for any loss or damage to furniture, floor coverings, walls, fixtures or any other consequential loss of any kind caused by any defect in the Products or components.

This Extended Warranty shall be void for the following reasons:

IMPORTANT: Water Filtration product Installation must comply with existing State or Local Plumbing codes. Some Plumbing Codes require installation of this filter system to be carried out by a Licensed Plumber.

In some areas, the water pressure may exceed the system’s maximum pressure allowance. If this is the case, a pressure limiting valve will be required. Please check with your Licensed Plumber during installation.

Please note our warranty requires proof of installation by a licensed plumber including confirmation of water pressure testing and results.

1. A customer’s inability to provide POP or equivalent documentation.

2. If:

– Products are not installed by a licensed plumber and/or electrician.

– Products are not installed to relevant National Standards and State Regulations.

– Products are not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

– Water pressures and or temperatures that exceed stated limitations as per the product installation instructions. Note: AS/NZS 3500.1-2003 (Clause 3.3.4) specifies 500kPa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet within a building for new installations. Note: The 500kPa maximum water supply pressure doesn’t apply to fire service outlets.

– Isolation stop taps are not fitted as stated on manufacturer’s installation instructions.

– Fitting of other devices to the outlet of tapware (e.g. Non Stefani Water filters).

– Fitting of Stefani non-approved in tap body or end of line water flow regulating devices.

– Products used with water additives i.e. Cleaning & or deodorising additives in cisterns.

– Fair wear and tear, such as the working seals in the inlet and outlet valves, including scratching from cleaning etc.

– Inappropriate or non-approved connection fittings connecting Products to sewer.

– Non written approved modifications to the Products.

– Products used for incorrect applications, non-potable water etc.

– Damage as a result of obstructions due to inadequate flushing of system before use and problems caused by water supply (including silt, corrosion and excess water pressure).

– Failure to regularly clean or replace dirty or blocked outlet aerator inserts in tapware and/or shower heads etc.

– Service or repairs with non-standard replacement parts previously undertaken without Stefani written approval.

– Non-installation of flow regulator in tapware and showers.

– Damage to finishes by adhesives, sealants or abrasive cleaners etc.

– Damage to finishes which arise from installation or post installation use.

– Damage due to abuse as determined by authorised Service Agent or Stefani.

– Failure to observe manufacturers care and cleaning instructions.

– The extended warranty work is limited to the pre-approved scope of work that will be set out in a work order. Additional work will require authorisation from Stefani, except to the extent that a customer can demonstrate that at the time of purchase the product was faulty or defective and at that time the customer was not aware of such fault or defect.

Note: It is the installer/consumers responsibility to ensure:

  • Product is not damaged prior to installation.
  • They are happy with their purchase.
  • The product has all of its components.
  • Required maintenance is performed.

Our Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Products repaired or replaced if the Products fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Purifier Terms and Conditions

The water purifier units are guaranteed free from defects in material or workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase.

The purifying candle is guaranteed free from defects in materials or workmanship for 3 months from the date of purchase.

The guarantees exclude:

  • Damage or defect caused by incorrect installation or assembly.
  • Physical breakage of the candle.
  • Damage caused by incorrect use.
  • Damage caused by lack of, or incorrect, cleaning or maintenance.
  • Crumbling (for Terracotta Purifier).